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  Mom was full of life, exuberant to the very core. No matter what happened, her happiness quotient would never waver – even when she was thrown out of gear for a few minutes. Life’s little miseries just didn’t seem to stop her at all from being gleeful. The tears wouldn’t even have dried up […]

Bittuful Sweety

BITTUFULL SWEETY He could not resist the next-door beauty, aptly nicknamed Sweety. After all, the teenage blood and hormones were raging! She was eighteen and a senior at school too. Many concerted efforts and failures marked the babyish love proposals that Bittu made. On his knees, falling flat, bending backwards, et all. But, the dusky […]


Dad was in a pensive mood one fine evening a few weeks ago. looking out at the light drizzle, he said, “Venu Baba, just lend me Rs 250, I would like to open a petty pan shop. How long do I have to depend on you my dear son? I need to survive without anyone’s […]


The 7 am journey commenced with the hope to reach Hyderabad in 8 hours to see my ailing dad. The drive was cosy and comfortable as we took leisurely stops on the scenic high way. The grand bridge on the majestic Krishna was an awesome spectacle, the muddy turbulent waters gushing underneath, with copious rains […]


I landed at the Dubai airport, setting foot on a foreign land for the very first time. Back then, the visa had to be collected from a special desk – not exactly the simplified visa -on-arrival that we have now. My sponsor was supposed to send the visa directly to the immigration desk. So, I […]


Short, fair and strikingly handsome, these features were enough for people to take a second glance at him while he crossed them. That’s the loving impression of my paternal Grandpa. Popularly called as Beedhar Kote Yenkanna avaru, well respected yet equally feared, for he was a man of strong action. One wrong deed, they were […]


The fire is the heart of the kitchen. A good kitchen consultant breathes life into to that very fire by creating an exemplary design. The difference between success and failure is the critical path instilled into the design flow, which is the soul of the kitchen. Ignatius John has brought alive many kitchens with his […]

Opportunities Galore: Grab Them Before They Fly Off

A favourable or advantageous combination of circumstances; a chance for progress or advancement. To look into the world of opportunities is an art in itself, they say. Ever wondered how many pass by each hour silently, without even striking us. Are we utilising these opportunities judiciously or even engaging them? Maybe that’s our mistake. We […]

A Hotelier’s Love Life

I had recently attended a seminar where the Guru said,“Your life is transient and temporary; the only thing you take back is love. Your actions are remembered.”It set me thinking, both on the personal and career front. Do we love our work, people and the company? Of course we do – if there was no […]