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Venus Swirls by Venu Rao

Happy to announce the launch of my new book of short stories named Venus Swirls. The feedback coming is lovely, would be great to have your further review on the link provided as below

Amma and I

Hi , please read this 6 minutes story….. Amma and I Venu

Tandi Sadak@Dhikala

Hi Please click on the link to read the Corbett Story….. Tandi Sadak @ Dhikala final

Walk in the tunnel

PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK Walk in a Tunnel- 6 minutes read…


The cook out party was in full swing along with the spiritual flow.  During that time period, Manoj Mathew’s uncle had a huge bungalow off Cunningham road in the quiet by lanes.  However, if one travels to Cunningham Road in the present times, you would spot the Fortune Cosmos Hotel in place of that bungalow.  […]


  Dobermann pinschers are complicated characters – they are either downright cranky or annoyingly one-person dogs. My friends had warned me against getting the breed. But, when I saw the scrawny little fellow all wrapped up in a cloth, I was floored. I would have mistaken him for my month-old daughter, if it were not […]

Tusker Trumpet

Vasundhara, Ravi and I entered the famous lush green Masinagudi forests by noon. The road ahead curved gently while the trees were passing us in slow motion letting out silver streaks of light, a hide and seek scintillating effect. They smiled at us welcomingly. All our jagged frayed city nerves were beginning to sooth down […]


Life as a room service manager those days was extremely satisfying, but pretty hectic and stressful. Imagine serving hundreds of breakfasts in the rooms between 8 and 9:30 am! We would have a little lull before the storm at 7:30 am, having sent those millions of bed teas. The Taj’s promise of serving tea in […]


A Tall, dusky, beautiful and a hardworking woman! That is the impression I’ve always had of  my maternal grandmother in my mind. She radiated a certain kind of positive effervescence and confidence. A bundle of energy, active to the core. There wasn’t a  dull moment in her packed day ever.  She would always be on […]

Aqua triplets: My memories of life’s elixir

Water, that eternal substance is the very source of our life. We are full of it – each pore and molecule. Without water for our daily needs, there is very little we can do; its presence and potency are inseparable. Even a simple, yet important, ritual like a daily bath is enshrined in our water […]