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Mrs. Nilu Curtis had the graciousness of a perfect host and the skills of a wonderful chef. I could not resist my temptation for the plump roast chicken, dripping with brown sauce and glistening rosemary leaves. The black mushrooms and baby roast potatoes added to the sinful richness of the dish, with heavenly smelling garlic […]

The saga of the super KEY

The Waterfront Hotel Viceroy, now the Hyderabad Marriot, is frquented by many corporate and leisure guests. With the serene Husain Sagar Lake as the backdrop, the hotel’s business has been uplifted to greater heights. The lake-facing rooms are sold at a premium owing to the enchanting view. The hazy yet scintillating city outline works as […]


Peep Inwards

We hoteliers are indeed a breed apart in every way; though not rich ourselves, we have all the rich man’s disease and habits. Why? Simply because of the posh surroundings our work hovers around. After a sixteen hour shift, I would make tracks to the coffee shop at the Windsor Manor at 2am, even though […]

Building Blocks Of Trust

Recently a very high profile management company parted ways from a well established hotel . The first causality was Trust. The owner felt having invested crores, the management company took him for a jolly ride . While the latter felt that they were used like a news paper, absorbed all the knowledge and threw them […]

No – Cost Communication

There is a popular saying, “out of sight, out of mind”.  I believe it’s as true in our industry too, yet we often tend to overlook- staying in our guests’ mind constantly. The best restaurant in town may lose out in terms of business if it doesn’t create a buzz, through promotions or guest recalls. […]

Managed Hotels

Peacock Group had the honor of setting this upscale ultra modern hotel at Velankani much to the satisfaction of the guests. All the public areas and the rooms were tastefully decorated and made functional to the global hospitality standards. The staff were trained and all operational procedures were supervised by the group. Sales and marketing […]